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75: New tunes from BlueBelle, RISE and goo...

Been a while since we've done one of these... but a weekly round up is in store! Here's what Local & Live has been listening to over the Bank Holiday Weekend... courtesy of all your latest song submissions:


BLUEBELLE - Trip The Light

'beautifully nostalgic yet seductively futuristic'

📍Liverpool/London, UK

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Infused with synth-pop goodness and mesmerising lead vocals, BlueBelle's latest single 'Trip the Light' isn't one for the faint hearted. Throwing you headfirst into a planet of strobes and mythical creatures, this bilingual track darts from disco grooves to gravitating sub-bass lines in a successful attempt to hypnotise it's victims - the trio a force to be reckoned with in this disco-pop resurgence that truly never dies. An experience that's beautifully nostalgic yet seductively futuristic, every element of this punchy track is placed perfectly within a mystical sonic universe that the Liverpool and London based group have created: outerworld synths and shimmery guitars transporting you away from the fears of our planet and into a worry-free state of euphoria. For those brave enough to embark on it's journey, expect the song's melody to be permanently printed on your brain, and the driving backbeat to be ingrained in every step you take forevermore... 'Trip the Light' is the psychedelic hit every craving-music-lover needs. (Released 26th April 2024).

RISE - Without You

'their passion for music is taken straight from the stage and into the studio'

📍Liverpool, UK

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With heartwrenching vocals and a whirlwind of riffs and synths, Liverpool-based four piece RISE are back with their latest single 'Without You' this year, straight out of their EP 'Memories and Possibilities'. Written around the loss of friend and long-term band member Steve Kinley, this collection of songs pays homage to the life and legacy of the talented vocalist and bassist - 'Without You' being a tsunami of thoughts whilst dealing with the loss of a loved one. Referencing classic 80s synths and an anthemic backbeat, their passion for music is taken straight from the stage and into the studio with this powerful track, producer Rob Whiteley's genius ideas bringing years of gigging and writing to the forefront of the mix. With a chorus catchy enough to get even the quietest gig-goer singing along, the band's ethos for coming together in the face of music shines through the track's soaring melody and timeless arrangement - the world is put on pause as you listen. (Released 8th January 2024).

goo - You're in Mono

'their infectious energy oozing out of the speaker'

📍West Yorkshire, UK

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With indie-grit and punk-angst, West Yorkshire based goo are back with another fearless single entitled 'You're in Mono' - and we can't get enough of it. Written around the rising popularity in right-wing politics and seeing your friends and family turn to those ideals, this punchy number bursts into a barricade of distortion and drive, whilst the tongue-in-cheek lyrics depict the sad reality the world is currently facing. After huge recognition on their sky-rocketing EP 'Chomp', this latest instalment savours what we love best about the band: their infectious energy oozing out of the speakers alongside the revolutionary call-to-action attitude carrying each track. Produced by Andy Hawkins (at The Nave) and mastered by Dave Draper, goo's impressive backlog of muso-wizards behind the track are a credit to their world-dominating potential - everybody wants to get a piece of the action. Jet-setting across Europe over the summer, get to know goo before serious feelings of FOMO hit. (Released 10th May 2024).


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Review No. 75

by Meg Shaw, Local & Live Media

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