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76: MARTHA GODDARD mesmerises us once again with debut EP 'IT COMES IN WAVES'...

Easily one of the most anticipated EPs on our radar this year, the ever-mystical collection of tracks from Martha Goddard graced our streaming platforms this morning (Thursday 30th May) - including brand new track 'Teacher' and a remix of her 2023 hit single 'Voices'. This five track galaxy of songs explores stories of growth and acceptance whilst wrapped in alt-pop sensibilities and constellations of synths - tied together with ethereal vocals that have become synonymous with all of Martha's work. Despite the artist's debut single only surfacing in March 2022, listening to 'It Comes in Waves' feels like a Greatest Hits album - each track holding moments in time that in years to come will feel like an ingrained memory.


Starting off with the euphoric original 'Voices' and ending with the hypnotic Ché Wilson remix of the 2023 classic holds a beautiful metaphor for the journey of this EP: everything truly comes in waves. Reflecting 'Voices' in two different lights not only shows how versatile Martha is as an artist, but perfectly bookends the turmoil found between each wave of life: ripples of emotion hidden within each lyric. Each track sees the Liverpool-born songwriter's battles with social anxiety, longing and overcoming fear embedded into its roots, whilst an array of shimmery synths and soaring melodies lift us from the depths of the lyrical content. Everything working in perfect duality, 'It Comes in Waves' truly is an immaculately placed cluster of tunes that's hit our airwaves this week.

'...wave your spell I want to feel again, the voices are loud inside my head...'

After the warning signs of 'Voices' draws us in, haunting second single 'Circles' introduces heavy surf-guitar riffs and 80s sci-fi synths to this journey of self-discovery. Fighting the inevitable round-in-circles realisation in relationships, this second track on the EP is far from boring and repetitive - the poignant bridge section offering up an escape from the spiralling thoughts in the main body of the song. In contrast, the third track 'Lasso' explores the act of moving on and breaking ties in a bubbly synth exterior and eluding lyrical interior. What becomes clear about Martha's writing midway through the EP is how effectively imagery is utilised to soundtrack universal situations - this constant feeling of circular emotions encompassing every aspect of life.

'...your story unravels, a picture in my mind...'

All tracks run to a holt in the nostalgic 'Teacher' - the fourth track on this ever-evolving EP. Opting for a more traditional band arrangement of piano, guitar, drums, and even a choir(!), this tender number brings life into perspective and reflection: opening up a discussion after the introverted headspace of previous songs in the collection. With a much more minimalist approach to it's soundscape at the beginning, Martha's celestial vocals have room to dart about the mix - darting between delicate and daring at the forefront of everything laid before it. Now in the palm of her hands, Martha dangles us effortlessly over the ponderings of 'Teacher' into a final wave of 'Voices', this time morphed by the wizardry of Ché Wilson, in an epic finale of sonic mastery.

Despite only five tracks in length, this particular handful of songs give you the same feeling as watching a Glastonbury headline slot - fully encapsulating the sounds and stories of the artist in a complete, raw and innovative form. Rounding everything together in a remix acts as the end credits to a masterpiece unfolding - leaving us pleasantly satisfied but eagerly awaiting the sequel.


For all things Martha Goddard, be sure to follow @martha_goddard on socials, and check out the EP in full below!

Review No. 76

by Meg Shaw, Local & Live Media

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