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9: Sink into the 'MIDNIGHT BLUE' with MOTEL SUNDOWN...

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

Liverpool-based, Americana band 'Motel Sundown' are back in full force with a new single on the horizon, entitled 'Midnight Blue'. This entrancing track is one of my favourite's from the band yet, so let's delve into detail with it, before it's release on 1st November...


As soon as you hit play, you're familiarised with the timeless sounds of Motel Sundown we've all grown to love, from previous releases 'For Someone' and their 2022 album 'If You Were Listening'. With a soulful vocal entry from Naomi, she takes you instantly to a state of wonder and longing, whilst you're transported to a smoky, whiskey-scented low-lit bar with the classic instrumentation that we've tied hand in hand with Motel Sundown's discography. Before we settle into the comforting warmth of what's to come, effortlessly blended 3 part harmonies with Rob and Karen, and spiralling guitars take us even further into the track, with nods to Fleetwood Mac, and Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young. This back and forth from drawn-in verses, and almost psychedelic and wider-than-life choruses, take us through the track; all building up to a final instrumental soaked in optimism and thoughts of another life.

'where the road meets the horizon... world's apart, held like a dream'

You can hear the band's experiences laced into both their lyrics and their sound, as it's safe to say that they've been living the Americana road-trip dream since they formed in 2018. Playing shows across the UK both as a full band and as an acoustic trio, they've supported the likes of The Hanging Stars, Ashley Campbell, The Chapin Sisters and more recently, US Grammy nominated artist Courtney Marie Andrews. Having also won a slot at Black Deer Festival through public vote, it's clear that Motel Sundown are everyone's 'hometown favourites', even if not from the area. Something about their music, whether it's the welcoming togetherness of the vocal arrangements, or the old-town warmth of the full band sound, make you feel at home whenever you listen.

After sharing their music through Birmingham, Kent, Sutton, Manchester, and their home of Liverpool this summer, they are back in the studio mustering up even more of what we love, and if 'Midnight Blue' is the start of it, I'll be keeping my eye out for more in the coming months.

by Meg Shaw, Local & Live Media

Review No. 9

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