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8: Midweek-movers on 'Fresh Finds'- LUKX, BELLA WRIGHT, DOUGLAS SAVAGE, JESSE JUDIES and KAYLA OH...

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

For anyone who loves discovering new music, our new 'Fresh Finds' playlist is for you! And it's not just a weekly playlist for New Music Friday, but it's CONSTANTLY evolving 24/7 from all the brilliant song submissions we get here at Local & Live Media. Here's a few mid-week additions who've been added to the list of L&L approved bangers, enjoy:

Lukx, Dad - Let Me Believe

the ultimate pick-me-up

📍Brussels, Belgium

This track caught my ears (and very closely behind, my hips) straight away. The perfect blend of soul, RnB, hip hop and pop - it'll go down as a Local & Live staple for a long time. From the universally catchy chorus, to the infectious flow of the verses, the tracks purpose to spread joy and motivation definitely succeeds it's goal - it is the ultimate pick-me-up tune. For lovers of the new Jungle album, or anyone who enjoys a spring in their step when walking around, add this to all your playlists now! Already catching the eye of many Belgian playlists (Made in Belgium, New Music Friday), we hope to spread the love of this motivational track to Liverpool and beyond. If you enjoy this instant hit of groove, then make sure to check out the rest of Lukx's discography, the ultimate father-son duo: needless to say that 'Dad', the producer, is also the actual father! Released on 20th October 2023.

Bella Wright - Ashtray

for lovers of alt-rock anthems, 90s films and eyeliner

📍Liverpool, UK

For lovers of alt-rock anthems, 90s films and eyeliner, let us introduce you to Bella Wright. Originally from Montana, but currently residing in Liverpool, UK, 'Ashtray' is the second release from Bella after 'Worth the Crime', and both have had instant interest from BBC Introducing, BOOT Music, and many music-lovers alike. The perfect blend of grit, honesty and angst, Ashtray fits into any of your Wolf Alice, Alanis Morissette, Fiona Apple and Paramore playlists. Soaring vocals and perfectly painted lyrics are at the forefront of this track, wrapped around pacing band arrangements that build effortlessly into a release of energy towards the end. The sound of flashing lights, dark rainy walks and teenage angst. Released on 6th October 2023.

Douglas Savage - Sugar High #2

a melancholic, minimalist sonic experience

📍Liverpool, UK

A recurring artist to Local & Live, Douglas Savage's releases always catch my attention, so as soon as I saw this in my inbox I was ready to indulge in all things musical poetry. 'Sugar High #2' is a perfect example of what Douglas does best, soundtracking that stare-out-the-window-in-a-trance look that we all know. Drawing influences from Joni Mitchell, Stevie Nicks, Lana Del Rey and Nancy Sinatra, you know your in good hands for a melancholic, minimalist sonic experience, 'Sugar High #2' being very much that. Brilliantly produced, authentically performed, and effortlessly written. Released on 11th October 2023.

Jesse Judies - Just in Case

a nostalgic feeling, super catchy 3 minute track full of edge and wonder

📍Sydney, Australia

The final track on the new EP 'Colours of Youth', 'Just in Case' is the indie-rock track you need on your radar this week. From an extensive musical background and back catalog, it's clear that indie tendencies and sensibilities run Jesse Judies' veins, with a DIY approach, eclectic sound and guitar-driven melodies throughout. From the entrancing synths at the start, before the infectious and familiar drums add to the equation, you know exactly what you're getting yourself into: a nostalgic feeling, super catchy 3 minute track full of edge and wonder. Fitting in at the end of the three-track EP, the record as a whole explores the idea of beginning a new life in Sydney, and has this feeling of a fresh start to it throughout. Needless to say that the production on this track is incredible, so it's understandable why lovers of MGMT, Portugal. The Man and Beck love Jesse Judies' work. Released on 19th September 2023.

KAYLA OH - See Through

crafted with maturity, musicality and vulnerability

📍New York, USA

Soaked in shimmery reverb, endless layers of guitars and crystal-clear vocal production, 'See Through' is a brilliant example of the resurgence of indie-folk that's taking over people's lives recently. Crafted with maturity, musicality and vulnerability, this track depicts the dilemmas of moving on from someone, and never truly feeling adjusted to new life without that person. Not only is the lyrical content relatable, but you feel a sense of familiarity in KAYLA OH as an artist, making you feel safe and understood as you listen. At only 19 years of age, this debut single of Kayla's reminds me of early Lizzy McAlpine and Phoebe Bridgers tracks, with technically sound vocals, stark writing and deeply rooted production wrapped around it. It's clear that this New York-based artist has the full package when it comes to modern-day indie darlings, so I'm ready to hear more from KAYLA OH! Released on 6th October 2023.


So there we have it! Five brilliant tracks for your mid-week music needs, which can all be found in our 'Fresh Finds' playlist. Let us know your favourites, and who we should be listening to in the future...

by Meg Shaw, Local & Live Media

Review No. 8

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