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1: Take a seat and sink into LIBBY AKERMAN'S latest single WINDOW SEAT...

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

Libby Akerman released her latest single 'Window Seat' last Friday ahead of her debut EP, so we thought it was only right to explore the latest track and get excited about the releases to come!


Here we go; review number one on Local & Live Media.

Of COURSE it had to be of a Libby Akerman tune, and she's released arguably one of my favourite's of her's, 'Window Seat'. After experiencing this live in numerous gigs across Liverpool, I was counting down the days until I could experience this song the way it was meant to be heard: staring out at the world from a window seat. For lovers of soulful vocals, tied in with soft RnB style arrangements and familiar pop features, this track is sure to be in all your playlists from now on (whilst we're here, go on, add it now).

"Been counting days, but I don't know what for"...

Written in a time of struggle and contemplation, 'Window Seat' delves into Libby's darker and more emotional side of her songwriting. Holding the listener at the palm of her hand from the get-go, we are taken on a haunting ride of heartache and longing, all whilst wrapped in a warm blanket of warped backing vocals and shimmery keys. The contrast of this openly honest and stripped to the core opening, to the huge drum production and push and pull stabs of the chorus arrangement, invite the listener into the uncertainties and cliff hangers of not knowing when you're going to see someone again.

"...and the view has been getting more bleak"

Soundtracking that longing stare out the window which we have all experienced, some more often than not, this single is far from 'bleak'. The thoughts and feelings of having nowhere to go, nothing to do, and stuck with the boring view of nothingness, this track is ideal for the melancholy September commutes and late-night ponderings of not knowing. The effect of feeling nothing and everything at the same time is beautifully captured within this just-shy-of-four-minutes track, held perfectly in the cry for help at the bridge; 'I know I'm not the only one, but without you I don't know how to feel strong'. The comforting thought that everyone feels this way, threaded with the despair of being torn from that person that provides the comfort.


Produced by Sam Mainard, and mastered by Sloe Flower Studio, it's clear that Libby has a dream team around her to bring out her unique yet familiar sound, spanning across not only this latest release, but previous singles 'All at Sea' and 'Helpless' to name a few. What I find interesting about all Libby's releases, is that each track explores such specific moments in time, but feel so incredibly relatable and are discovered exactly when you need them. If 'Window Seat' is just the introduction to Akerman's debut EP, then I'm buzzing to see what else comes our way when the full project is released later this year.

by Meg Shaw, Local & Live Media

Review No. 1

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