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With earlier nights and colder weather, what better way to wrap up warm than with a handful of mellow tunes from all the latest artist releases?! Here's 5 tracks we've added to our 'Mellow Bops' playlist this week that we think you should listen to...


Genevieve Miles - So heavy, so hard to hold

'a true artist of today's generation'

📍Birmingham/Bristol, UK

Floating between the worlds of indie-pop, alt-folk and pysch-funk, Birmingham and Bristol based Genevieve Miles released a six-track EP entitled 'So heavy, so hard to hold' this December, and with it came nostalgia, contrasting genres and a spell of haunting vocals. From the intricate opener of 'Beer In The Fridge' (our Mellow Bops playlist addition), to the dark waves of 'Ocean' and genre-defying 'Good', it's clear that Genevieve can do it all - a true artist of today's generation. Bubbling away since 2020, this collection of songs are a pondering of emotion and experience: an amalgamation of past relationships, dreams, misguidance and hope. Despite each track offering different sounds and themes, something that remains at the forefront of the whole EP is the artist's impeccable vocals, carrying us through the emotional turmoil of life. Bravery to try different things and have an extensive range of musical talents to back it up, the EP effortlessly takes you through the likes of slap-bass tones, reggae influences, 80s synths and rhythmically intricate grooves, an experience like no other. After gracing the stages of Truck, The Great Escape and a headline tour this year, Genevieve Miles is an artist to watch out for, with many aspects of the industry already hot on her heels. Released on 1st December 2023.

Joey Miceli - String of Pearls

'transforming dark struggles into soft pastel swirls of nostalgia'

📍Las Vegas, USA

Straight out of the Las Vegas scene, Joey Miceli's latest release 'String of Pearls' is a beautifully delicate acoustic single coming off the back of his most recent album 'The Expanded Portrait' earlier this year. Released in-line with his 24th birthday, 'String of Pearls' is a reflection of past relationships and friendships; exploring the inevitable growing up and moving on from things that were once familiar. From the ethereal echoing backing vocal effects, to the ongoing rippling warm guitars, you feel past memories float away with grace - the bittersweet of letting something go. Paired with timeless pop vocals soaring over the soundscape of production, this track is both accessible and cutting edge, putting Miceli straight into the realms of Lizzy McAlpine and The 1975. Transforming dark struggles into soft pastel swirls of nostalgia, the artist's way with writing turns even the worst of times into a painting of optimism and colour. Released on 1st December 2023.

Elina - Whatever Happens Now

'mesmirising, picturesque, ethereal'

📍Stockholm, Sweden

With a mesmirising introduction in 'Silver Linings', Sweden's own Elina released her debut album 'Whatever Happens Now' this year, and with it came the successful tracks such as 'Apologise', 'I Should've Danced More' and 'I Don't Know Love', amongst 5 other ethereal tracks to complete the collection. Growing up around scandanavian forests and Joni Mitchell's discography, Elina's picturesque view on the world shines through her music. With hints of indie-pop and soft-rock, Elina has a way of tying together her extensive sounds with pop-driven vocals and reverb-drowned synths being the bed of her production. Reflecting on personal and professional struggles during the pandemic, Elina writes with honesty and passion in her work, exploring all the emotions and feelings faced in times of struggle and pain. Recognised by the Ivor Novello Awards and the Swedish Publishing Awards in the past, Elina is no stranger to a successful release, with 1.3 million monthly listeners eager to listen to the debut album. Released on 27th October 2023.

ALIA - I'm Getting Off

'a state of fire and emotion'

📍London, UK

With a captivating performance, ALIA's powerful vocals drive their latest single 'I'm Getting Off' into a state of fire and emotion, the subtle guitar adding a bed of delicacy to the lyrically focussed track. Written about uniting together in a world of violence, whether globally, personally or within relationships, the track can be taken in whatever context the listener chooses - finding comfort and relatability in ALIA's words. As a nonconformist, the artist takes the song and delivers it in an authentic manner, an untouched portrayal of emotion without the sleek and shimmery sheen of today's pop music, no hiding behind effects or production. This soulful approach adds to the honesty of the artist, allowing anyone to feel welcome and included when listening, something that ALIA reaches for in her audience. Taking the London music scene into their own hands with gigs at Sketch, Soho House, The Camden Club, The House of KOKO and many more, the artist is in collaboration with Mr. Nobody to release a string of music in the future. Released on 1st December 2023.

Colin Woltmann - The In-Betweens

'a breath of fresh air in a world of destruction and conflict'

📍Alabama, USA

In a battle to fit in, 'The In-Betweens' is a state of being stuck between worlds, a reassuring hug of warmth in difficult and confusing times. Colin Woltmann has a way of writing with his heart on his sleeve, this just-shy of 2 and a half minute track fully encapsulating the nomadic life of flitting between societal expectations and your true self. Honest and humble, the poignant lyrics and melody make you stop in your tracks and reconnect with yourself, a breath of fresh air in a world of destruction and conflict. From the dreamy synths to the clear as day acoustic guitar, this track is seamlessly produced with a delicate front, Colin's vocals wrapped in emotion and rawness throughout. For lovers of classic folk, Bob Dylan and John Prine, 'The In-Betweens' is our first glance at the Colin Woltmann's upcoming EP 'A Case of the Times', arriving in 2024. Released on 1st December 2023.


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by Meg Shaw, Local & Live Media

Review No. 30

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