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In need of new tracks to see you through the week? Look no further than these shiny new releases from Amelia, Motel Sundown, Ari Joshua, Penny Eau and Giangranco GFN - each one handpicked by Local & Live Media for all your muso-needs!


Amelia - Nice to Meet You

'a master at portraying narrative through her writing'

📍Liverpool, UK

🔊Mellow Bops Playlist🔊

For a daily dose of positivity and optimism, find comfort in Amelia's latest release 'Nice to Meet You', released at the end of last month. With no artificial sound in sight, Amelia's ever-authentic sound comes out in full force in this country-infused pop track: mellow acoustic guitar and free-flowing lyricism making the foundations of this self-discovery anthem. Born from reflecting on a life lived through others, Amelia sinks into vulnerability and bares her heart on her sleeve in 'Nice to Meet You', carrying on from the sincere former release of 'Gravity' earlier this year. A master at portraying narrative through her writing, the Liverpool-based artist effortlessly crafts feelings of sentiment and emotion with nostalgic nuances and catchy melodies, whilst the arrangement evolves from reverb-soaked piano moments to bursts of stadium-filler soundscapes. With the likes of Taylor Swift and Maisie Peters paving the way, Amelia's discography slots perfectly within the country-pop resurgence that's quickly taking over our radars - and this is just the beginning. (Released 29th March 2024).

Motel Sundown - Waterfall

'for all your mellow americana needs, find your answer in 'Waterfall''

📍Liverpool, UK 🔊Mellow Bops Playlist🔊

Welcoming us with their trademark three-part harmony and a delicate acoustic guitar, Motel Sundown's latest release 'Waterfall' reminds us of the very reason we all fell in love with their sound to begin with - their ability to hold our attention in the palm of their hands with nostalgic sonic palettes and heart-driven lyrics painted throughout. After their former single 'Lost Time' leaves us in dusty dancehalls, we hang up our spurred boots for a moment of sunset reflections and yearning guitar wails in this acoustically-driven track, the moonlight shimmer from their 2023 hit 'Midnight Blue' watching on in admiration. Drawing focus onto their well-crafted lyricism and dulcet vocal qualities of each songwriter individually, the Liverpool-loved trio offer up a moment of sentiment in the lead up to their summer EP later this year, lilting melodies and gentle percussion working hand in hand in a wave of comfort and familiarity for the listener. For all your mellow americana needs, find your answer in 'Waterfall'. (Released 29th March 2024).

Ari Joshua, Grant Schroff, Skerik, Delvon Lamarr - Rare Groove

'years of jamming and touring are heard within each stab and syncopated melody

📍Seattle, WA

🔊Nothing but Groove Playlist🔊

A boiling pot of highly-esteemed talent, 'Rare Groove' is a genre-defying catalyst heading straight into our 'Nothing but Groove' playlist this week. With sax-mastermind Skerik, organ magic from Delvon Lamarr, Grant Schroff handling the infectious groove on the drums, and Ari Joshua's guitar sprinkles, you know you're in safe and capable hands as they transcend through motifs and differing feelings effortlessly - leaving your brain pleasantly ticking away to this soul-jazz soundtrack with ease. Both playful and professional, years of jamming and touring are heard within each stab and syncopated melody, each member of the awesome-foursome getting their chance to dart around the harmonic backbone with style and freedom. From every lifting guitar riff, to the sinister sax swells, all aspects are locked in ridiculously tight - a driving force in auto-cruise as they blend organically around the laid-back groove. With the brains of Mell (Studio Solli - Tracking), Jason (Blue Mallard Recording - Mixing) and Doug Krebs (Mastering) behind the scenes, our ears are taken back in time with their 'vintage-only' approach, and any muso-head is left fully fuelled on nostalgic goodness. (Released 15th March 2024).

Penny Eau - who hurt you?

'this multi-faceted artist morphs and manipulates past genres into a fresh new sound'

🔊Mellow Bops Playlist🔊

Left in hypnosis as soon as you hit play, ambient synth-scapes and haunting vocals create a moment of candour in Penny Eau's latest release 'who hurt you?'. Written around past emotional turmoil effecting future relationships, this downtempo alt-pop track is a burst of realisation from personal barriers and trauma wrapped in pristine production and contrasting sonic elements from Penny Eau, and arguably our favourite track from the artist yet. With captivating verses and a ground-shaking distorted guitar line in the bridge, the multi-faceted artist morphs and manipulates past genres into a fresh new sound, each release knocking down any limits that may stand in the way. Unafraid of fusing delicate vocals and intricate percussion with weighty synth-bass lines and an impenetrable wall of sound, duality plays a key part in all of Penny Eau's work as she captures the essence of mental conflict and self-identity - 'who hurt you?' offering a voice to anyone experiencing a healthy relationship after years of torment and turbulence. (Released 22nd March 2024).

Gianfranco GFN - In My Dreams

'feel-good-funk doesn't get much better than Gianfranco GFN's discography'

📍Bienne, Switzerland

🔊Nothing but Groove Playlist🔊

Feel-good-funk doesn't get much better than Gianfranco GFN's discography, as previously discovered when we covered his 'Doctor Wind' last year. 'In My Dreams' is another prime example of the Swiss guitarist's infectious optimism, everything from the dancing bass line to the ever-uplifting melodies oozing positivity and hope after chasing the woman-of-his-dreams narrative. Written around the idea of not being enough for someone, and the realisation that this life is meant to be lived, 'In My Dreams' is a track everyone can connect with, helped by the contagious chorus and anthem-filling breakdown. With a strong belief on focussing on nothing but the music itself, intracity and complexity coat this genre-defying track, everything from the warped guitar tones to explosive backing vocals crafted to perfection with the extensive dream team of creatives behind the track. As part of the future 2024 album that's bubbling on the horizon, let the sun-soaked keys and impeccable groove on 'In My Dreams' transport you to a brighter future. (Released 20th June 2023).


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Review No. 70

by Meg Shaw, Local & Live Media

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