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71: Brand new music from JAMIE BROAD, TOM COLLINS, MINA MY and REGAN REAY...

The sun's out, the days are longer, and once again our local artists are SMASHING IT with new releases left, right and centre. This week's playlist round-up includes 4 hugely dedicated artists who we've had the pleasure of covering/working with in the past... and the grind never stops. A bit of nostalgic rap, acoustic goodness, energetic indie-rock and a sprinkle of bedroom pop for your weekend - enjoy!


Jamie Broad - Still Loading

'a true Local & Live legend'

📍Liverpool, UK

🔊Nothing But Groove Playlist🔊

A true Local & Live legend, Jamie Broad has been on our radar since we began back in 2020 - and his legacy starts way before that. The highly-esteemed Liverpool based rapper has a true talent for creating tracks like no other: thought-provoking lyricism and fresh perspective woven around nostalgic grooves and an unconfined flow being a staple in his extensive discography for the past decade. His latest release 'Still Loading' is yet another brilliant snippet of Jamie's infectious sound, personality oozing unapologetically out of each punch and hook, whilst the old school lo-fi sample sends you into a trance from beginning to end. Brutally honest and beautifully relatable, the Scouse trailblazer paints the simplicities of taking time out and waiting for the right moment in 4 minutes of journalistic one-liners and humble nuances - a preacher for keeping it real and prioritising mental health. For a laid-back feel good vibe in these overly busy and quick paced times, find your new fave track in 'Still Loading'. (Released 29th March 2024).

regan reay - RUSH

'whisking us into a dreamy state of mind'

📍The Wirral, UK 🔊Mellow Bops Playlist🔊

Another Local & Live veteran from it's showcase days, Wirral-based regan reay is back with a sun-soaked Sunday morning soundtrack in his latest release 'RUSH', released earlier this month. Gritty vocals and layers of jangly acoustic guitars make up the foundations of this laid back bedroom pop track, all wrapped up in the beautiful imperfections you find in lo-fi production to keep regan's sound cruising in it's own lane of alt indie goodness. Whisking us into a dreamy state of mind, optimistic counter melodies and a soft drum heartbeat offer us a voice of comfort when listening to this mid-April release, whilst the contemplative lyrics add an edginess that's become synonymous to regan's self-produced sound. Charmingly humble and full of nostalgia, let regan's crooked melodies and brutal honesty soundtrack life's ponderings and moments of escape.

Mina My - Her Power

'we are thrown head first into the tear-stained, dramatically torn pages of this alt-pop artists journal'

📍Liverpool, UK

🔊Fresh Finds Playlist🔊

The perfect sophomore release after the angsty 'I Miss Your Dog' of 2023, Norway-born, Liverpool-based Mina My is back stronger than ever with 'Her Power' this month. Catching our attention with a delicate opening of dreamy guitars and a haunting array of backing vocals, we are thrown head first into the tear-stained, dramatically torn pages of this alt-pop artists journal: visceral distortion and striking vocal screams offering up the brutal truth of being a woman in the 21st century (spoiler alert: it's not all pretty acoustic guitars and loved-up lyrics). Everything building to the colossal outro of pure outrage in the final moments, this track holds enough momentum to push the boundaries of societal expectations and centuries of disrespect with it's huge boygenius-esque soundscape and formidable lead vocals taking control; and in less than 3 minutes we are completely transfixed on Mina My's sound and craving more. Quickly become a Local & Live favourite, indulge in all things Mina My this weekend if you know what's good for you. (Released 12th April 2024).

Tom Collins - Warning Signs

'an early-00s-esque anthem'

📍Flintshire, UK

🔊Fresh Finds Playlist🔊

In the fast lane from the starting line, 'Warning Signs' is an explosive new indie-pop track from upcoming Flintshire artist Tom Collins. Packed with driving force vocal melodies, ever-jangly guitar goodness and a hopeless first love narrative, this latest release is the perfect addition to Tom's fast-growing discography, offering an early-00s-esque anthem after his cinematic former release 'Barricades' earlier this year. No stranger to the stage after sharing line ups with the likes of RATS and The Sherlocks, this track is made for the live setting - huge drum production and beautifully distorted countermelodies offering a sense of euphoria and existentialism whilst reflecting upon mixed signals and being blind-sighted in a relationship: something everyone can sing their hearts out to. Right in the middle of the rip-roaring indie-rock resurgence, Tom Collins has no signs of hitting the brakes as he continues exceeding limits with each and every release - 'Warning Signs' being our favourite yet. (Released 5th April 2024).


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Review No. 71

by Meg Shaw, Local & Live Media

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